Find Out Why Our Purchase Order Financing Program Is Preferred by Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses that need help purchasing presold goods or paying suppliers frequently turn to Silicon Valley Commercial Capital for assistance. Our popular purchase order financing program can help your business get through tough times, whether you deal with domestic production or imports and exports of presold merchandise. Once you’re approved, you’ll free up your resources and your time so you can focus on the most critical aspects of your business.

Why Choose Us?

Silicon Valley Commercial Capital has a reputation for providing hassle-free financing solutions and world-class customer service. Our primary focus is to match our clients with financing programs that are appropriate for their current and long-term needs. When you come to us for funding through our purchase order financing program, you benefit from the following:

  • Flexible, quick funding
  • Increased ability to make deliveries to your customers on time
  • Capacity to fulfil large or unexpected customer orders
  • Opportunity to grow your business at your preferred pace, without surrendering your equity or taking on massive bank debt
  • Expand your market share

In addition to providing you with the working capital you need, we can also provide you with letters of credit for your various import and export business dealings. We can even help you if you’re currently experiencing less-than-ideal cash flow.

Apply Today

Take advantage of our quick and easy application process by contacting us today.  There’s no obligation and no cost to get started.