Could Equipment Financing Be the Solution to Your Small Business Needs?

Many business owners find themselves in a tricky situation when they need equipment but don’t have the funds to purchase it. If this situation sounds familiar to you, we can help. Rather than depleting your limited funds to buy the machinery you need, consider taking advantage of our convenient equipment financing program. We offer rapid application approvals and can provide financing for any type and size of equipment.

Our Equipment Leasing Programs

Different types of businesses have different needs when it comes to equipment. We aim to meet all of these needs by offering diverse equipment leasing programs. These include:

  • Second Chance Program: Do you think you deserve a second chance to gain access to the equipment you need to continue operating your business? We think so, too. That’s why we offer a generous Second Chance program that is designed to help those with less-than-perfect credit get approved for financing.
  • Sale and Lease Back Program: If you already have equipment but you’re running out of money and need help, we offer a great solution. Our Sale and Lease Back program gives you the opportunity to sell your current equipment to us. Then, you can lease it back from us over a predetermined period of time. You’ll retain full access to your equipment but will have the benefit of freeing up cash while paying for the equipment over time.
  • Government Leasing Program: Government and municipal entities are always guaranteed to receive equipment financing from Silicon Valley Commercial Capital. Whether you represent a fire house, library, or any federal or state government agency, we’ll give you the financing you need.
  • Startup Programs: We have a great deal of respect for startup businesses, which is why we offer a startup financing program for new businesses that need equipment. Our program terms are competitive and designed to help startups succeed.

If you’re interested in any of these programs, we’re interested in speaking with you. Call us today to learn more about how our equipment financing and leasing programs can benefit you.